Nicola Michelle Airey



 Personal Details

(Equity) Stage Name: Nicola Michelle Airey
 D.O.B: 1987
 Sex: Female

 Age Range: 16- 25
 Singing Voice: Soprano
 Native Accent: North East
 Nationality: British

 Build: Small/Athletic
 Hair Colour: Brown - (Currently: Blonde)
 Eye Colour: Brown
 Height: 5'4"

 Weight: 108lbs / 7.5 st.
 Bust: 32" / 81 cms
 Waist: 26" / 66 cms
 Hips: 35" / 89 cms
 Inside Leg: 29"
 Shoe Size: 4 (uk) / 5/6 (usa)
 Dress: 6-8(uk) 4-6 (usa)
 Hat: 7 (22inches)


 Contact Details:

 Phone: 079-60-30-29-11   Email:    Website:


  2008-2009 Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Acting Performance Academy NC
  2006-2008 Foundation Degree in Acting Performance Academy NC

  2014 - Barista
2012 - EPIC Disaster Trained
  2011 - HandGun Trained
  2010 - Stage Combat
  2009 - Geese Theatre Company
  2008 - Commedia Del' Arte
  2008 - Artswork - Peer to Peer Motivators
  2007 - Royal Shakespeare Company
  2007 - Suggestables

  Accents   Skills

  Native Accent:   North East (Newcastle) Singing (Soprano)
  English RP Dancing (range of styles)
  Geordie Horse Riding
  Cockney Handgun
  French Rock Climbing
  Russian Swimming
  Irish Teaching
  Southern American Photography
  West Coast American Modelling
  CRB CHECK (Clean)

  Theatre Experience

  Year Role Production Director Venue / Company 
  2014 Angie Natural Causes Corinne Kilvington Little Theatre
2011 Anna Closer Jay Mullen Customs House/Theatre People
  2011 Nicola Gully's Speakeasy Daisy Stays Jazz Cafe'
  2011 Anne Boleyn Tudor Talk Julia Soares-McCormick Edinburgh Trinity Apse
  2011 Dead Girl Nightmares Antoni McVay & Kayla Wren Barkollo
  2011 Upsy Daisy In The Night Garden Live! CBeebies RagDoll & Minor Entertainment Ltd
  2011 Iggle Piggle In The Night Garden Live! CBeebies RagDoll & Minor Entertainment Ltd
  2011 Diamond Contessa Superstars Scott Murray Bank
  2011 Diamond Contessa House of the Golden Lotus Warren Speed Growling Clown Entertainment
  2010 Belle Beauty and the Beast Lara De-Leuw Moonstuck Theatre
  2010 Samantha Forget Me Knot David Tuffnell Customs House/Theatre People
  2010 Amy Randell TAPE Steven Langley Theatre People
  2010 Kazia The Interview: Story of the Holocaust Jayson Bartlett Leeds Town Hall
  2010 MJ Dixie's Doll House As You Like It Jesmond Theatre Restaurant Sunderland
   2010 Performer  Charlie Boorman Show Billy Biketruck /Simon Pavey Tyne Journal Theatre / BikeTruck
  2009 Sylv EAST Kevin Thwaites Customs House / WTS Productions
  2009 Miss Jasmine Cabret Show Frayne and Co Queens Hall
  2009 Miss Jasmine Cabaret Show(s) Nicola Michelle Airey Harlequin Dreams Entertainment
  2008 Veronica Vagina Duologues Ryan Deponio Theatre Royal Newcastle
  2008 Edwina Stone Colde Ian Gibbinson Castle Keep Newcastle
  2008 Molly Fruit & Veg League Donna Tonkinson Performance Academy
   2008 Statue Simon's Panto Sandi Malia Bedes World
  2008 Miss Jasmine Bordello Bordello Perdu Newcastle Bordello Bordello
  2007 Madeline Bray Nicholas Nickleby John B. Kirtley PeterSarah Theatre
  2007 Annetta A Better Future John B. Kirtley PeterSarah Theatre
  2006 Fritzo Gizmo Eloise Hodder PeterSarah Theatre
  2006 Angel Physical Theatre Peter Peverley PeterSarah Theatre
  2005 Lemuel Gulliver Gulliver's Travels John B. Kirtley PeterSarah Theatre
  2005 Jan Burn John B. Kirtley Theatre Royal Newcastle
  2005 Good Fairy The Golden Book Donna Tonkinson Waterloo House
  2004 Jean Find Me Donna Tonkinson Rye Hill Concert Hall
  2004 Kim Miss Saigon Variety Tony Markey C.A.T.S

  Film and Television Experience
  Year Role Production Director Company

  2012 Posh Woman History of the World BBC BBC
  2012 Emma Rail Independent Matt Hopper Hopper Films
  2012 Eliza Chance Encounter Callum Hogg Hogg Production
  2011 Debbie Life Guard Alex Ayre Northern Stars
  2011 Geisha Sirens Kitchenware Records Dene Films
  2011 Diamond Contessa Grind House Warren Speed German TV
  2010 Interviewer Adventures of Pervo the Clown Warren Speed Growling Clown Entertainment
  2010 Teacher ABSG Helen Apsey ITV Fixers
  2010 Jen Silent Night Nathan Watson Boot Car
  2010 Nicola Visit Teeside Rich Endean BGroup Creative Agency
  2010 Callie Smashed M. Smith Northumbria Police
  2010 Emma Jenkinson Sketches G. Jenkinson Jenkinsons Productions
   2009 Nurse Ways to Live Forever Gustavo Ron Coastal/Life & Soul Productions/El Capitan
  2009 Kat No Honour, No Choice Garry Moore Dr. Barnados and Concept Pictures
  2009 Nicole Zombie Women of Satan Steve O'Brian & Warren Speed Growling Clown Entertainment
  2009 Extra Dogging: A Love Story Simon Ellis Vertigo Films
  2009 Shark Girl First Times James McSloy Whitenoise Films/Blue Rooney Production 
  2009 Idette Josephines Cafe' Roy Muncey-Varty MookFilms
  2008 Woman The Sad Bear Gary Moore S.H.A.M Films
  2008 Tillie A Mad Tea Party Mio Shirai SLAB
  2008 Vanessa The Magician Adam Strong Monster Peacock
  2008 Jinni Wasted Richard Coulson Victory Films
  2008 Alice Alice Underland Richard Cairns FireStorm Entertainment
  2007 Christine Bafta 60 Seconds Richard Cairns FireStorm Entertainment
  2006 Nicola Film Promo Richard Cairns Life Style Academy
  2006 Lucy It’s Not About Me Richard Coulson MonkeyButt Productions

  Other Experience:

  Year Role Production Director /Venue Company

    2011 Director Peter Pan Nicola Michelle Airey Buzz Theatre Arts
  2011 Stage Manager Casa Bellini People's Theatre Casa Bellini's
  2011 Stage Manager Greatest Hits Journal Tyne Theatre Buzz Theatre Arts
  2011 Stage Manager GrindHouse Legends Growling Clown Entertainment
  2011 Stage Manager House of the Golden Lotus REDS Growling Clown Entertainment
2010-2011 Drama Teacher   Buzz Theatre Arts Nicola Michelle Airey Buzz Theatre Arts 
2010-2011 Stage Manager Dixie's Doll House As You Like It Dixie's Doll House
  2010 Director Billy Elliott Nicola Michelle Airey Buzz Theatre Arts
  2010 Director Hungry Caterpillar Nicola Michelle Airey Buzz Theatre Arts
    2010 Teacher Pink Kitten HP Tiger Tiger Pink Kitten Dance School
  2006 Designer Promotion Posters Mark Lloyd Northern Stage

  Modelling Experience

  Year Role Production Photographer/Venue Company
  2011 Model Cupcakes Graham Olvier OMG Photography
  2011 Model Abby Road Doug Durham Durham Photography
  2011 Model Live Event Alan Mountain None More Negative
  2011 Model Envy Michael Daglish Daglish Photography
  2011 Model Chair Jonathan Keys Jonathan Keys Photography
  2011 Model Red and Black Chris Harrison Grime and Glamour Photography
  2010 Model Doll House Lauran Laake LaakePhotography
  2010 Model Doll House Alan Mountain Alan Mountain Photography
  2010 Model Hard Fairy Jade Turnbull Jade Photography
  2010 Model Sun Emily Cromarty Capture Photography Emily Cromarty
  2010 Model Ivy Rachel Holmes Capture Photography Rachel Holmes
  2010 Model Northern Angel Brian Burland Burland Photography
   2010 Model GIRL Doug Durham Durham Photography
  2010 Model Pool Howard Marshburn Howard Marshburn Photography
  2010 Model Wild Pink Steven Thompson Steven Thompson Photography
  2010 Model The Venue: KRASH Paul Wright Paul Wright Photo
  2010 Model Urban Stu Glen Stu Glen Photography
  2010 Model Dixie's Doll House Richard Shepherd Richard Shepherd Photography
  2010 Model Hearts Zegrae Stylefoto Zegrae Stylefoto Photography
  2010 Model Candy Danielle Dalton Danielle Dalton Photography
  2010 Model Pink Pin Marc Melling Marc Melling Photography
  2010 Model Broken Doll Gary Crozier Gary Crozier
  2010 Model Harlequin Dreams Christopher Bishop Pictures by BISH
  2010 Model Train Station Tony Jackson Tony Jackson Photography
  2010 Model As You Like It Tall Paul Tall Paul Photography
  2010 Model Circus Idene Roozbayani Driver Industries Photography
  2010 Model Hyem Laurie McManus Laurie McManus Photography
  2010 Model I Am VIP Rock at Legends Rock Legends
  2010 Model Jesmond Chris Harrison Grime and Glamour Photography
  2010 Model Tyne Journal Theatre Colin Davison Rosella Studios
  2009 Model That’s Why They Call It Art Hanger 51 Joseph Steele
  2009 Model Lake Nick Seviour Nick Seviour Photography
  2008 Model Bewitched White Angel Andrew Lesak Old Port Photography
  2008 Model Bordello Meagan Sarah Hodds Meagan Sarah Hodds Photography
  2007 Model Portfolio Doug Durham Durham Photography

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