Nicola Michelle Airey

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Yorkshire Evening Post

"The Interview challenges its audience to consider how the brutal Nazi regime came so easily to power and how racial hatred becomes legitimised."

EAST By Steven Berkoff:

Northern Echo

Sylv (Nicola Michelle Airey) are the two women who bear the brunt of the oppressiveness of the story. Young and pretty, Sylv knows her power over the men is her sexuality and uses it as a weapon to tease and goad them, but she is trapped in a world from which escape is nigh-on impossible...This was County Durhambased WTS Productions’ first show and the company’s youthfulness, energy, dynamism and enthusiasm will be a welcome addition to the region’s blossoming theatrical scene.

Journal Live

A hard-hitting play announces the arrival of a new North East theatre company, as David Whetstone reports. The North East cast also includes Jessica Johnson (who you might remember for her role opposite Kelly Brook in North East film School for Seduction) as Mum, Christopher Strain as Les, Nicola Michelle Airey as Sylv and Steven Stobbs as Dad.

The Crack Magazine

Bordello Bordello:

Julia Soares-McCormick:

Nicky changes from a beautiful blonde to a raven haired ‘Queen Anne Boleyn’ and then into Anne’s famous red headed daughter ’Queen Elizabeth I’.

- Julia Soares-McCormick

Marc Melling:

Must say Nicola is class to work with, great model and what a laugh right through a session, in fact i have met her twice and both sessions she is a joy to photograph.

- Marc Melling

Anna Fur Laxis:

I have performed at several shows Stage-Managed by Nicola, both in Newcastle and in Sunderland, and each time I was highly impressed by her skills. As a Performer I travel a great deal and work at many different shows, and the quality of Stage Management is crucial to my being able to do my own job well. The shows produced by Nicola flowed smoothly, the information she gave was clear, timely and professional, and allowed me to concentrate fully on my own role. Nicola would be an asset to any stage production.

- Anna Fur Laxis

Michael Daglish:

"No matter what the situation or the pressures put upon her Nicola is always ready and always professional; she is a pleasure to work with, adding wit and charm to any shoot."

- Michael Daglish

Stu Glen:

I have worked with Nicola a few times now and everytime has been fantastic, a model who knows how to pose and express emotion in her whole body to achieve the images that stand out from the rest.
Nothing is too much for Nicola and she will always do her utmost to make a photoshoot a great success adding to the process with her own ideas and creativity of which she has in abundance.
Highly recommended as her portfolio shows, a true professional in all senses of the word.

- Stu Glen

Trixie D Licious:

Having now worked with Nicola Michelle a handfull of times at different events I can say in all honesty-every time I see her pretty,smiling face I usualy breathe a huge sigh of releif. Why? Becauce I know now that the event she has been hired to run, will go as smoothly as humanly possible if not more so! Lost? No problem, NM finds you. Stuck? NM gets you loose, Nervous? NM calms you down. Thirsty? Shes there with a bottle of water and your next movments in case ur about to ask! It gets to the point where you think, is there anything this girl hasnt thought of! Unicorn? no problem!
Always the eptimone of profesionalism and never stressed this amazing woman keeps her cool and has a soloution for every problem. My personal faveourite stage manager for big events. I havnt even started on what a brilliant performer she is......
- Trixie D Licious

Tom DeLish:

Nicola Michelle is the up most proffesional in everything and anything she states out to do, and does so with a beautiful friendly smile. I would not hesitate in working with her again.
- Tom DeLish

Michelle Best:

I am proud to say that I have worked with Nicola on various projects and events and each time has been a pleasure she's always organised and helpful I've learned alot from her and you can guarantee anything she puts her hand too is a success.
- Michelle Best - Stage manager of Headline Honeys.

Chris Harrison:

"I have worked with Nicola Michelle on many occasions,either in a team or one to one. Without fail her enthusiasm and sheer electric personality makes everyone work better and harder,and most importantly,with a smile on their face.I think its safe to say she has an infectious character.She is simply one of lifes wonderful people and I am glad she pops into my life from time time."

- Chris Harrison

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